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Software / System ToolsNetSDK Software S3 Browser Pro 9.9.7

NetSDK Software S3 Browser Pro 9.9.7
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S3 Browser is a Windows client for S3 and CloudFront.

S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any , from anywhere on the web. CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN). It can be used to deliver your files using a global network of edge locations.

Reliably Upload and your files to and from S3.

Publish your Content using S3.

Browse, Create, Delete S3 Buckets.

Share your Buckets with other S3 users.

Use Buckets shared by other S3 users.

Set Access Control on Buckets and Files.

Keep your Files backed up in encrypted form.

Manage your CloudFront Distributions.

And Many More!

Support for Multiple S3 Accounts and S3-Compatible Storages

Client Side Compression and Encryption (AES 256)

Support for Data Integrity Checking to guarantee reliable file transfer.

Convenient Folder Sync Tool - Upload Only New and Changed Files!

Support for S3 Versioning and convenient versions manager.

Full support for all S3 storage classes

Full support for Standard Infrequent Access Storage Class

Full support for OneZone-Infrequent Access Storage Class

Processing very large amounts of files (millions) effectively!

Support for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Easy to use CloudFront Manager

Support for very large files. Up to the 5 TB in size!

S3 Server Side Encryption support.

High-speed Multipart Uploads and s with ability to Pause and Resume.

Full support for S3 Transfer Acceleration

An easy to use Bucket Sharing Wizard - share your Buckets with just two clicks!

Convenient HTTP Headers Editor.

Inclusion and Exclusion Filters

Support for Bucket Lifecycle Rules

Support for restore from Glacier and Deep Archive storage classes.

Support for bulk ACLs assignment (edit ACLs in batch mode).

Default Http Headers to apply pre-defined HTTP Headers automaticaly!

Advanced Web URLs Generator.

Support for Static Website Hosting.

Support for S3 Bucket Policies.

Support for Cost Allocation Tagging and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.

Command Line Tools - Automate your S3 Tasks with ease!

Bandwidth throttling and proxy support.

Support for copy/move between s3 accounts and buckets.

Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer.

Fast working multithreaded Http Ee.

Support for S3 Bucket Logging (Server Access Logging).

Support for Requester Pays Buckets.

And tons of other cool features and tools!

Added full support for Server-Side Encryption (SSE-S3, SSE-KMS, SSE-C)

Server-Side Encryption Rules for automatic SSE assignment

Added support for S3 Default Encryption

Added support for the S3 via GetSessionToken account type

Added support for Default Storage Classes

Compatibility improvements for S3-Compatible storages

Improvements and bug-fixes for Web URL Generator

Improvements and bug-fixes for IAM Manager

Improvements and bug-fixes for Folder Sync Tool

Improvements and bug-fixes for the Versioning tab

Improved and bug-fixes for CloudFront Manager

Various UI improvements and bug-fixes

Various internal improvements and bug-fixes

Stability and performance improvements





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