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DocumentaryBBC - Palace for the People (2019)

BBC - Palace for the People (2019)

BBC - Palace for the People (2019)
English | Size: 1.29 GB
Category: Documentary

Showcases five of Soviet Europe's most grandiose architectural enterprises. Created to embody the 'collective good', the buildings, made with courage and a bit of lunacy, were used to remind the people of the power and brighter future that awaited them.

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DocumentaryBBC - Silicon Glen From Ships to Microchips (2020)

BBC - Silicon Glen From Ships to Microchips (2020)

BBC - Silicon Glen: From Ships to Microchips (2020)
English | Size: 805 GB
Category: Documentary

Whatever happened to Scotland's Silicon Glen? US giant IBM arrived at Spango Valley in post-war Greenock, attracted as part of a government effort to replace industrial jobs. For decades the company provided thousands of jobs, often at the leading edge of technology, helping to attract dozens of high-tech investments to Scotland from all over the world.

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DocumentaryBBC - Tutankhamun in Colour (2020)

BBC - Tutankhamun in Colour (2020)

BBC - Tutankhamun in Colour (2020)
English | Size: 1.09 GB
Category: Documentary

A century after the world's most exciting archaeological find - the tomb of Tutankhamun - we can witness the dramatic scenes of its discovery and marvel at its extraordinary treasures exactly as they were first seen - in colour.

Oxford University Egyptologist, Elizabeth Frood, is our guide to the discovery of the tomb on 4 November 1922 by British Egyptologist Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon. It provided much-needed good news, following the Great War and the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1919, and we have been transfixed ever since.

Colourisation provides a fantastic insight into the artefacts themselves and the context that they were found in. Many photos were taken using glass plate negatives, which have fantastic resolution and which, with colourisation, reveal detail not seen for a century.

Liz's story begins in 1891, with an old black and white family photo of the young Carter. Colourisation brings him to life as he arrived in Egypt as a 17-year-old artist. Carter met two people who would change his life: British Egyptologist Flinders Petrie, who inspired him to be an archaeologist, and Lord Carnarvon, a keen amateur Egyptologist who hired Carter to help him.

Liz travels to Highclere Castle to meet the current Countess of Carnarvon. Carnarvon and Carter both yearned to find what nobody had ever discovered before, a pharaoh's tomb with its treasures still intact. Carter became convinced that Tutankhamun's tomb lay undiscovered in an ancient royal burial ground known as The Valley of the Kings, and in 1914 Carnarvon was granted a concession to start excavating there.

But the First World War intervened. Colourisation reveals a changing Egypt. Egyptians were soon pushing for independence from Britain, which claimed Egypt as a protectorate. The politics of the time were to have a profound effect on Carter and Carnarvon.

In December 1917, the meticulous Carter divided the valley up into a grid and began excavating each sector, right down to the bedrock. Colourisation reveals the astonishing scale of the operation that was required.

On 4th November 1922, a water-boy in Carter's team, Hussein Abdul Rasoul, discovered a flight of steps descending into the bedrock. Carter broke into the tomb to discover first a rubble-filled passageway, then another sealed entrance. As Carter peered in, he declared, 'It is wonderful.' The extraordinary collection of objects he saw, including gilded couches, chariots, jewels, statues, and even ancient lunchboxes containing food for the afterlife, were captured in black and white by expert photographer Harry Burton. Using colourisation, we are now able to experience the scene that met their eyes, in incredible detail, almost as though it's right in front of us.

On 16th February 1923, Carter and Carnarvon broke through into Tutankhamun's burial chamber. A large blue and gilt shrine filled the room. Opening its doors, Carter discovered sealed doors to another three shrines, one within the next. Within these was a sarcophagus made from yellow quartzite and, within this, a nest of three coffins, also one within the next. For the first time in a century, we reveal each stage in amazing coloured detail. The outermost coffin was gilt, adorned with a garland of flowers. The middle one was inlaid with gold and coloured glass and the innermost was - incredibly - crafted from solid gold.

Finally, within this, was Tutankhamun's mummy wearing the famous solid gold mask. Colourisation of the rather messy-looking black and white photograph reveals that his wrapped body was actually festooned with colourful jewellery.

The discovery of Tutankhamun's body also revealed that he died very young, aged 19. This changed the way Tutankhamun was seen around the world. In Europe, the death of a young man hit a chord with so many who had lost their sons in the First World War. In his own country, Tutankhamun became a young and vibrant symbol of a powerful and independent Egypt.

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DocumentaryQUEST - Shed and Buried Series 2 (2017)

QUEST - Shed and Buried Series 2 (2017)

QUEST - Shed and Buried Series 2 (2017)
English | Size: 14.83 GB
Category: Tutorial

Henry Cole travels around Britain with Sam Lovegrove nosing around people's sheds and garages in the hope of finding some automotive bargains.

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DocumentaryChannel 4 - Page Three The Naked Truth (2020)

Channel 4 - Page Three The Naked Truth (2020)

Channel 4 - Page Three: The Naked Truth (2020)
English | Size: 919 MB
Category: Documentary

This year marks the 50th anniversary since the first appearance of the Sun's page three girl. Here, in this look back at uniquely British institution, some of the most famous models tell their stories. Samantha Fox, Jilly Johnson, Maria Whittaker and Keeley Hazell describe the highs and lows of their profession, Rhian Sugden and Emma reveal the misery that came with tabloid scandal and Hannah Claydon talks about the countdown to her debut at the age of 16.

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DocumentaryBBC Panorama - George Floyd A Killing that Shook the World (2020)

BBC Panorama - George Floyd A Killing that Shook the World (2020)

BBC Panorama - George Floyd: A Killing that Shook the World (2020)
English | Size: 543 MB
Category: Tutorial

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has prompted the biggest protests about race and police brutality in the US for 50 years. Around the world, thousands of people have joined marches against racism. Reporter Clive Myrie asks if this could be a moment that changes race relations in America for good. He hears from protesters, eyewitnesses and former police officers about why this killing has had such a powerful impact, and speaks to people from black and white communities in Minneapolis about their hopes and fears for the future.

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DocumentaryBBC Natural World - Sri Lanka Elephant Island (2013)

BBC Natural World - Sri Lanka Elephant Island (2013)

BBC Natural World - Sri Lanka: Elephant Island (2013)
English | Size: 1.41 GB
Category: Tutorial

Sri Lanka, the tropical island lying off the southern coast of India, is home to its own special elephants. A subspecies of the Asian elephant, they have their own unique characteristics. In this programme, award-winning wildlife cameraman Martyn Colbeck of Echo of the Elephants fame travels to Sri Lanka to try and get to know them.

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DocumentaryBBC Time Shift - How to Win at Chess (2009)

BBC Time Shift - How to Win at Chess (2009)

BBC Time Shift - How to Win at Chess (2009)
English | Size: 1.07 GB
Category: Tutorial

Many people know the basic rules of chess, but few can play really well. This programme offers some essential tips on how to raise our game.

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DocumentaryBBC - The War Next Door Scotland and the Troubles (2019)

BBC - The War Next Door Scotland and the Troubles (2019)

BBC - The War Next Door: Scotland and the Troubles (2019)
English | Size: 1.79 GB
Category: Tutorial

Examines Scotland's role in the Troubles, told by people who were there.

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DocumentaryBBC True North - Crusaders Keeping the Faith (2017)

BBC True North - Crusaders Keeping the Faith (2017)

BBC True North - Crusaders: Keeping the Faith (2017)
English | Size: 1.01 GB
Category: Tutorial

Follows a tumultuous year in the life of Crusaders Football Club. With unprecedented access to the inner sanctum of the dressing room, it documents their quest to win the league title for an historic third season in a row. Off the pitch, it reveals the remarkable story of a club with faith at its core.

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